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18 N. Dollins Ave.

Orlando, FL 32805

Caribbean patties and Latin empanadas meet French patisserie in our pockets of buttery dough stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. Enjoy them on any occasion. Each pastry is hand-formed and the choice of fillings will appeal to your to taste buds’ needs.

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Our Story

Sweet & Savory Pastries 

French-influenced culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu fused with a Caribbean background has produced this brand of delectable treats.


Growing up in a half-Caribbean household, mom’s family would often bring Crucian pates from her native island of St. Croix on their visits. SIP was born after dabbling in international cuisine and fusing the best attributes of cultural variations. Caribbean golden crusts, crispy Latin empanada shells, and delicate French pastry are all highlighted on menu.


Every pastry deserves special beverage accompaniments. Coming soon, SIP will introduce its pairings of infused teas with flavors that will satisfy with every sip!  



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